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World Handicapping System

World Handicapping System (WHS)

St Anne's Golf club adopted the World Handicapping system in Nov 2020.  The following documents show the Slope details of the course.  Also attached are "Course Handicap Tables" to help you determine your course handicap.  To use these, locate your Handicap Index within the ranges provided in the left hand column and then note the corresponding Course Handicap in the adjacent column.  Note the calculations differ for the various combination of front/back nines and different tees used.  

The following table shows the calculation required to convert your course handicap into your playing handicap.  This process will be done automatically for you on entry into the computer on the day of the competition.

Click here for St. Anne's Slope Rating Certifcate

Click here for Mens 18 Whites

Click here for Mens F9 White

Click here for Mens B9 White

Click here Ladies 18 Reds

Click here for Ladies F9 Red

Click here for Ladies B9 Red

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