Course Open (updated 11 April at 09:40)

Hole 18 - Clubhouse

430 Yards Par 4 Stroke Index 8

Pro Tip

The eighteenth hole is a truly delightful finishing hole that offers choices all the way from the tee to the green. The fairway is divided by a mound and offers two landing areas, left for safety, right for a chance of a birdie. From the left side of the fairway the approach will need to be shaped to find the flag, yet from the right side of the fairway the approach can be made directly to the flag wherever it is positioned.

  • Blue: 430, Par 4, Index 8
  • White: 400, Par 4, Index 8
  • Yellow: 385, Par 4, Index 8
  • Ladies: 351, Par 4, Index 8
St Annes Golf Club